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OEM Silicone&Plastic List(2006-2017)

13 Jul 2017 -

We generalize the OEM Silicone&Plastic list from 10 years experience in OEM manufacturing.This list can help you to learn more the case detial about OEM Silicone quickly.Such as the OEM silicone sulutions,the price about OEM silicone&planstic products,and the OEM process.

Explore The OEM Silicone&Plastic Producrs Solutions you need:


  OEM Silicone Car Key Cover 
    Meet customer demands for personalized patterns and logo.With debossed process or embossed process.Factors that affect prices:Processes,Quantity of OEM order,Material,Delivery,Package. More detial,click here.


 OEM Silicone  sleeve
 silicone bottle sleeves are designed to work with baby bottles. Made from 100 % silicone, easy to grip cover will help prevent bottle breakage. Helps to prevent heat transfer. BPA free.


OEM Silicone Cup lip

 OEM Silicone Cup Lip
 WE designed various beautiful style cup lids for the OEM customer. You only need to provide sample photos, we will make samples for you freely.

OEM Silicone Cup Coaster

 OEM Silicone Cup Coaster
 Not only protect your table from water dripping along your drinking glass but also hold your drinks securely. It provides a good grip for your drinks with its thick boarder which prevents water from leaking. Welcome to OEM.


OEM silicone bag

 OEM Silicone Handbag
  This OEM customer from Mexican commissioned us to produce 20,000 silicone handbags with very attractive price.


 OEM Silicone Water Bottle
 Each food grade silicone Bottle is individually packed.Soft supple silicone is strong and stain, odor, and taste Resistant.Foldable and rollable: Designed to stand upright when full and can be folded, laid flat when empty.


 OEM Silicone Ring
 silicone rings and wedding bands are safe, stylish and versatile. Engineered to adapt to your job and active lifestyle.


 OEM Silicone Wristbands
 Wristbands can convey support for a team or organization, advertise a business or brand, promote a campaign or cause, commemorate an event or publicize an affiliation. Our website is your one-stop shop for the highest quality, endlessly customizable, 100% silicone (latex-free) wristbands. 

OEM silicone gloves

 OEM Silicone Gloves
 Grilling Gloves are made of sturdy silicone and easy to work with, convenient and reusable, great to take hot dishes,skewers from the grilling plate, or baking from the oven, no more fumbling and juggling hot dishes with pot cotton towels. Be safe rather than a risk,protect your hands from daily kitchen activity. 

OEM pvc luggage tag

 OEM PVC Luggage Tag
 These luggage tags are made with high quality plastics but are ultra light, making them perfect for any and all luggage — from suitcases to cruise ship luggage or airline baggage and everything in between. To help guard against lost or stolen bags.

OEM Silicone Coin Purse

OEM Silicone Coin Purse
 Made of durable, flexible silicone, this unique designer purse has great look and very distinct feel. Its adorable little round shape will surely make you smile.

OEM silicone watch strap

 OEM Silicone Watch Strap
 Our silicone watch bands come in 3 sizes (14mm, 20mm, and 22mm).Features quick release pins for fast and easy tool-free installation and removal of straps to change up your look. Our watchbands are made with high quality silicone together for the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and flexibility.

OEM plastic coin bank

 OEM Plastic Coin Bank

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